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Water management has become the main challenge we face

El water It is a vital resource without which life on the planet is not possible, at least as we know it today. However, it is not an unlimited resource, as there are places in the world where its presence is practically scarce. For this reason, the Water management It has become the main challenge worldwide. From this challenge and the race to offer tools that allow us to optimize the use we make of water, various projects have been born such as ours, that of Waterworld.

Facing the change in the way of understanding water as a resource and the tasks for which it is used

One of the most important tasks of the human being is to cultivate. Formerly, the work of plant and harvest were carried out in a very different way from how it is done today: as there were no systems for the control and use of water, much of it was inevitably lost which led to worrying waste.

Apart from this, also the way in which crops were understood and developed was very different. While before it was planted to sell the harvested products or to consume them as a priority, today we understand that plants and flowers are essential for the health of the planet, as well as for that of the human being in particular, so we tend to see usual flower and tree plantations in cities and towns that seem to have a purely decorative purpose although their importance is much greater.

Facing all these changes, the project of Waterworld with the intention of bringing the owners and caretakers of urban gardens, as well as the entities that manage the planting and care of public natural spaces and to field farmers, tools with which to make the sustainable development of each project possible, optimizing the management of their most important resource to the maximum: Water.

Mundoriego offers up-to-date solutions for all kinds of problems in home water management

Water management is not only understood from the application of water in crops but also from its own treatment, which is why at Mundoriego we offer different solutions such as domestic water purification (septic tanks, biological filters or fat separator), systems for the rainwater recovery through aerial or buried water tanks or useful accessories; and systems for domestic water treatment through osmosis, softening, ultrafiltration or through a faucet filter.

Effective tools for optimizing water use in urban gardens

The people who are in charge of urban gardens (Entities in charge of caring for public natural spaces will also be able to access and find our resources useful) will be able to access all kinds of essential tools for proper water management. Between them, pipelines for urban gardens, accessories for pipes, drippers, connections or automation systems.

PVC pipes

El PVC It is a material that comes from petroleum. It arises from the polymerization of the chloroethylene monomer. The final result is a material that can have multiple forms (flexible or rigid) and uses.

It is one of the most used materials in the world, especially in the industry field, because it is a material with great insulating power. One of the main reasons why it is widely used for the protection of electrical wiring.

In addition, we can highlight that it is an economical and very resistant material. Among some of its uses, it is used for the manufacture of pipelines and all kinds of irrigation accessories. PVC is an inert material. Main reason why it is used for the manufacture of pipes intended for the use of drinking water.

It is also widely used in the industrial field because it is a very versatile material and has multiple uses.

Water treatment systems for swimming pools

In Mundoriego we also have a space in our catalog dedicated to the Swimmingpool being one of the current urban elements where water is used the most and where it can be wasted the most if the appropriate systems are not used.
In the accessories catalog and swimming pool water treatment systems we have our own systems of filtration (filters, sand filters, filter houses or selector valves), pumps (pool pumps, pump panels or outdoor heat pumps) and tools for the water dosage or regulation through salt electrolysis, dosing pumps or dosing accessories. These latest systems are not only useful for the correct use of water, but also for the health of the people who frequent swimming pools, whether public or private.

In our pool accessories catalog We also provide our clients with tools for chemical treatment of swimming pools, such as anti-algae and flocculants, disinfectants, regulators, analyzers or winter storage and electrolysis systems.

Setting up your own pool at very affordable prices has never been so easy

To complete the list of necessary tools to be able to enjoy and use a swimming pool correctly, from our website you can also acquire concrete pools or prefabricated and accessories such as stairs, grates, jumping equipment and showers.
Pool cleaning materials such as robotic pool cleaners y LED lighting systems, halogen and niches for swimming pools.
En Waterworld You have everything you need to be able to set up and maintain your own pool at really affordable prices. We encourage you to visit our catalog and see for yourself.

A project designed to offer the best solutions to optimize water management

The Mundoriego project, as can be seen, was born with the main idea of ​​offering effective tools for managing water as a resource and it does so by addressing different fronts, especially in the domestic area, in the area of ​​urban orchards and plantations that need efficient irrigation systems and in the swimming pool area which, although with a more playful character, requires a great attention and control.

Values ​​that are reflected in each of the products in our catalog

We work based on a great objective: to achieve maximum efficiency, which translates into a benefit for the planet and a benefit for human beings. Dealing with this quality, we always keep innovating and generating new solutions that can respond to the specific needs of our customers.

Through our service Customer Support and our after-sales service, we keep an eye on and monitor the performance of our products and the specific needs of those who use them to be able to formulate better solutions and provide the necessary tools to devise more effective, efficient and respectful systems with the environment. environment. All this, always from the perspective of affordable prices for all that allow the responsible use of water to be a real necessity and not a luxury for the savings of a few.

Septic tank

An septic tank It is an apparatus for the treatment of wastewater. Within this apparatus, a separation and transformation of the water takes place, normally in the domestic sphere.

About half of the solid debris that accumulates breaks down on its own. But the rest are transformed into sludge, which must be retired every so often to transport it to a place where it can be treated.

Normally septic tanks are used in rural and residential areas that are relatively isolated from the urban core and that they do not have a sewage network.

The type of septic tank depends on the number of people living in the house, the amount of water used, temperature, the characteristics of the wastewater generated and the frequency of pumping. Visit our catalog for more information.